Chef Brockett / Don Brockett

“I’m a Chef” (1974)
“I’m a Chef” (1974)
Chef Brockett dressed up as Santa (1973)
Making gingerbread cookies (1990)

Chef Brockett, played by Don Brockett, owns Brockett’s Bakery in Mister Rogers’ “real” neighborhood and loves to share his baked goods and conversation with his “real” and Make-Believe neighbors.

Quiet in the kitchen  

“Shhhhhh!” That’s Chef Brockett insisting on a quiet kitchen. He even has a song explaining that he needs silence so he can concentrate and get things right while he’s cooking – a message for all of us, no matter what we’re doing.


Like the other cast members, Don Brockett uses his own name in the “real” neighborhood, and his role matches his real interest in food. He not only loves food, he loves cooking and baking, and he loves sharing his treats with his neighbors.

Another “real” part of Chef Brockett’s life was his childhood disability and series of operations that left him with a noticeable limp. He sometimes needs to remind Mister Rogers to slow his pace so they can walk together. He also talks about his exercise routines. It’s helpful to children that Chef Brockett could be open, warm and honest about his disability.


Did you know?

Don said his role as Chef matched an interest he shared with his father as a young boy. Don’s father dressed in a chef’s hat for his work as he demonstrated and sold stoves. In talking about his role as Chef, Don said it never felt like performing. “I never feel like I’m doing a show. It’s real in the most honest kind of way.”

Sharing his treats and talents in Make-Believe

Chef Brockett visits the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, too, creating cakes and treats for special occasions.  A robust figure with a deep gravelly voice, he was playful and enjoyed performing. In Make-Believe he was a natural for playing Santa Claus, and he loved taking on roles in the Neighborhood operas from a King to a fish to a Papa Elephant.