Neighbor Aber / Chuck Aber

Lady Elaine is squirting water (1999)
Lady Elaine is squirting water (1999)
Aber is a nighttime caregiver (1983)
Neighbor Aber and H. J. Elephant (1986)

You’ll find Neighbor Aber, played by Chuck Aber, in lots of different roles in Mister Rogers’ “real” neighborhood and in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.


In Make-Believe, his primary job is as the  Associate Mayor of the neighboring town of Westwood, where he is second in charge to Mayor Maggie. He sometimes brings news of Westwood to King Friday XIII and the others, and he’s glad to stay and help his neighbors in Make-Believe.


But he’s really a jack of all trades. When there’s a role to fill – or a costume to be worn, it’s usually Neighbor Aber who’s there to be a pilot or a gorilla, a salesman, a deliveryman, a scuba diver or a basketball player.  He’s always on hand with a song – and his American Sign Language skills – to entertain, comfort and help care for the puppet characters, especially Daniel, Prince Tuesday and Ana.



Did you know?

There’s no doubt that Chuck Aber played more roles on the series than anyone else. As Associate Mayor Charles R. Aber, Fred Rogers was making a statement about gender equity. In his widely diverse jobs as a salesman, a pilot, a clown, a security guard, a basketball player, a manager of a mini-golf course, an owner of a dance studio and many more, perhaps Mister Rogers was making a statement about versatility! 




Chuck Aber is also the voice of the puppet character H.J. Elephant III, an occasional visitor to the Neighborhood of Make Believe. H.J. can’t read but is fluent in understanding sign language and can perform some magic when he uses his magic words: “Oh me, oh my.” H.J. Elephant was named for the late Pennsylvania Senator H. John Heinz III, who was a close friend of the Rogers’ family.