Donkey Hodie

Donkey Hodie works hard at sunset (1973)
Donkey Hodie works hard at sunset (1973)
“Potato Talk” with Donkey Hodie on MGR-TV (1975)
The Washer-Dryer-Sorter-Dumper (1973)

Donkey Hodie lives on a farm in the neighboring “Some Place Else” where he grows potatoes.


Like his namesake in the classic fictional book “Don Quixote,” this Donkey Hodie lives in a windmill and is a bit of an  idealist. He has so much produce on his farm that he invents something to help him harvest and sort all the different potatoes – a Rube-Goldberg contraption called “A Washer-Dryer-Sorter-Dumper.” Sometimes he gets extra help on his farm from his neighbor Harriett Elizabeth Cow who when she arrived brought the population in “Some Place Else” to 2.


Did you know?

When Donkey Hodie first arrived, he used his prominent teeth to bite, but little by little he learned to use his teeth only for eating and talking –  an important lesson for young viewers! 

I am Donkey Hodie. I like to help things grow.