Elsie Neal

Making hats at the craft shop (1973)
Making hats at the craft shop (1973)
Making tie dye (1972)
Elsie makes a clown craft (1974)

Craft lady in the "real" neighborhood

Elsie Neal owns and operates the Neighborhood Craft Shop.  She’s full of creative ideas and her shop is packed with lots of raw materials.  


Elsie Neal often asks Mister Rogers to join her in a simple craft project that children could do, like making a hat from a paper bag or flowers from foam. She also regularly hosts the neighbors or other guests in her shop who share their own craft talents, like weaving, cloth dyeing, working with leather or glass-blowing. In one area of Elsie Neal’s Craft Shop there’s a variety of costumes and masks that the neighbors can borrow.


Her daughter Debbie Neal sometimes fills in behind the counter at Negri’s Music Shop and even sings now and then for the neighbors.