Grandpère gets a letter from his granddaughter (1971)
Grandpère gets a letter from his granddaughter (1971)
Grandpère shares his pommes frites (1970)
Grandpère shows some family photos (1984)

The French-speaking Grandpère lives in the Eiffel Tower (where else would a Frenchman live?) next to King Friday’s castle.


“Grandpère” is the French word for grandfather, and this Grandpère is not only a grandfatherly figure, but he is in fact a grandfather to another puppet, Collette, who occasionally comes from France to visit. It was once revealed that Grandpère’s full name is “Henri Frederique de Tigre.”



Did you know?

Fred Rogers spoke French fluently, and he enjoyed voicing Grandpère which gave him a chance to expose young children to another language. Often the neighbors in Make-Believe would translate some of Grandpère’s words or explain what he meant so that the viewers could understand and learn some phrases. 


Grandpère is very French, always seen wearing a French beret and speaking many of his words in French. In his Eiffel Tower he developed a business of making and selling “pommes frites” – the French words for French-fried potatoes.  He also generously shares part of his Eiffel Tower building, giving Dr. Bill Platypus space for his doctor’s office. When Lady Elaine impishly turns his Eiffel Tower upside-down or makes it into a mountain, he is patient, but he is also relieved when she puts things back to normal.