Henrietta Pussycat

“You are Pretty” (1985)
“You are Pretty” (1985)
Henrietta feels too shy to ask to be in the opera (1972)
Henrietta is invited to a party (1986)

Henrietta lives in a little house in the same Tree as X the Owl. In spite of their differences these neighbors are best friends. Henrietta is a sweet, shy pussycat who “meows” most of her words and loves dressing in fancy clothes. Outside her door there is a dangling bell that people use to call on her. Although Henrietta says “meow” for many of her words, her neighbors are always able to understand her.

No one can take your place

Along with her sweet shy nature, she is also rather insecure. She tends to feel jealous when someone new comes to visit, worrying that they will take her place and that her friends might like the newcomer better.  It takes a lot of reassurance to help her realize that she is important and loved – and that no one can ever take her place.


Like the fictional characters in the classic poem “The Owl and the Pussycat,” X the Owl and Henrietta share lots of times together. And, as best friends do, they sometimes have arguments. But, like most friends, they are able to talk about their feelings with the help of their caring neighbors, find ways to forgive each other and make things better between them.



Did you know?

Henrietta was one of the original puppets from “Children’s Corner,” where she started as a black cat and her signature song was, “You are pretty, you are black…” In those early days, she meowed almost everything – except for only three words: “Mister Rogers,” “beautiful” and “telephone.”

"You are Pretty"

This is a song that Henrietta and X sing to, and with, one another.


X sings:

You are pretty. You are black.
You are beautifully dressed in lovely fur.
Finely curled. Perfectly
You are pretty. Elegant.
You are black.


Henrietta sings:

You are handsome. You are blue.
You are beautifully dressed in feathers straight
You’re first rate.
Obviously you are handsome. Elegant.
You are blue.