Marilyn Barnett

Marilyn Barnett’s first appearance (1972)
Marilyn Barnett’s first appearance (1972)
Marilyn Barnett and Mister Rogers on a seesaw (1992)
Doing exercises with Marilyn Barnett (1983)

Marilyn Barnett is a physical education teacher at the Neighborhood school who often comes to teach Mister Rogers exercises. 


Knowing how important physical exercise is, Mister Rogers wanted to include some simple “workouts” with an exercise teacher that children might even be able to do at home. Marilyn Barnett occasionally stops by Mister Rogers’ house so that they might do exercises together. Usually they’re outside in his yard where she teaches him how to do stretches or simple arm or leg movements. As Mister Rogers follows her lead, he encourages viewers to do the exercises along with them.


Sometimes Marilyn introduces Mister Rogers to children from her school who jump rope, twirl batons or do gymnastics.  They’re showing viewers that there are lots of fun ways to be active. Later, when Marilyn Barnett becomes a principal, she invites Mister Rogers to her school on a day when there happens to be a fire drill, so children can see how important it is to react quietly and orderly.