Mr. McFeely / David Newell

Mr. McFeely sings the “Speedy Delivery” song for the last time (2000)
Mr. McFeely sings the “Speedy Delivery” song for the last time (2000)
The McFeely’s anniversary party (1974)
Mr. McFeely shows some of his surprising deliveries (1975)

Mr. McFeely, the Neighborhood’s cheerful “Speedy Delivery” man, is Mister Rogers’ most frequent visitor. When there’s a knock at the door, it’s probably Mr. McFeely in his mustache, cap and vintage blue uniform, bringing a package, a film, or a visitor.


Mr. McFeely, played by David Newell and Mrs. McFeely, played by Elizabeth  Seamans, are the only neighbors who don’t use their own name in Mister Rogers “real” neighborhood. From his very first appearance in the very first episode, Mr. McFeely has been considered a kind of “character.” He is a fast-talking, purposeful, grandfatherly figure, always in a hurry shuttling from stop to stop because of the demands of his “Speedy Delivery Messenger Service.” The character was also an intentional counterpoint to Mister Rogers’ slower, more methodical pace.  


As the series evolved, Mr. McFeely slowed down and helped children see the value of taking your time. He often comes to the door with a “How People Make Things” factory film and stays to explain it to Mister Rogers. He can be full of fun and humor, and over the years surprised the neighbors – and viewers – not only with his many different deliveries, but also the many different ways he made his deliveries, on everything from a tricycle to a kayak.


The McFeely family

Mr. McFeely and his wife live in the “real” neighborhood and often invite Mister Rogers to their home to share their interest in animals and antiques. Their family expanded when viewers were introduced to their grandchildren, including Chrissy who has spina bifida and uses special shoes and leg braces to help her walk.


Did you know?

Fred Rogers originally named the Speedy Delivery character “Mr. McCurdy” in honor of president of the Sears Roebuck Foundation that underwrote the Neighborhood programs. But Mr. McCurdy declined the honor, so Fred turned to his own middle name which was also his beloved grandfather’s last name – McFeely.

That’s what you’ll get…a speedy, speedy delivery!

Speedy Delivery to you

David Newell never would claim to be a singer, but he expresses his delight in his job with his signature song: “If there’s anything you want, if there’s anything you need, McFeely’s Delivery brings it to you here with speed. … Speedy delivery to you!”

Wearing many hats

Unlike the other cast members, when David Newell was hired to play Mr. McFeely in 1967, he was also to be a production assistant whose job included locating costumes and props ranging from hats to homeless cats (invariably adopted by cast or crew) or, once, a real baby elephant.  In later years David split his time in the studio as “McFeely” with his role as Director of Public Relations, continuing to work for the Company for almost 50 years.