Prince Tuesday

Prince Tuesday challenges his father’s “no play” rule (1981)
Prince Tuesday challenges his father’s “no play” rule (1981)
Prince Tuesday finds that it’s best to learn slowly (1995)
Prince Tuesday wants to grow up fast (1991)

Prince Tuesday is the son of King Friday and Queen Sara Saturday.  He was born on a Tuesday, so of course he was named Prince Tuesday.


Prince Tuesday was created so that the Neighborhood of Make-Believe stories could address common situations in family life. At first he is just a bundle in a blanket, and the focus is on the King and Queen, as nurturing parents, taking care of a baby. Prince Tuesday is one of only two characters to age during the course of the series – he starts as a baby, then he’s a toddler, and then he is an elementary school-aged friend.


Did you know?

Prince Tuesday not only changed more than any of the other characters, he was voiced by more people than any of the other characters. No fewer than four different actors voiced Prince Tuesday, both female and male.

Growing up

With puppeteer Charles Altman (1981-1986)

As Prince Tuesday becomes a typically human preschooler, he is curious and interested in learning. He enjoys being with his friends, Daniel and Ana, at their school and at play. His family life is an opportunity for stories about love and anger, and rules and limits, and about balancing respect for his father the King, and standing up to his sometimes preposterous commands.

With puppeteer Lenny Meledandri (1987-2001)