Queen Sara Saturday

Queen Sara explains that it takes time to learn (1972)
Queen Sara explains that it takes time to learn (1972)
Queen Sara’s first appearance (1968)
Queen Sara and King Friday are going away for work (1983)

Queen Sara, loving wife of King Friday and nurturing mother of Prince Tuesday, also works for global causes like “Food for the World.”


Queen Sara is both benevolent and diplomatic especially as she helps her husband King Friday understand the best ways to serve his people. She is the King’s ally when his rules come from concern for his subjects and their safety. She also recognizes when his demands are a bit outrageous and is able to help mediate between him and his subjects.  But when she senses that his arrogance comes from his need to show off his importance, she is one of the few in the Neighborhood who can soften him, letting him know he’s loved for who he is.


Did you know?

The Queen’s character is named after Fred Rogers’ wife, Sara Joanne Rogers.


A Caring Mother and Wife

It is obvious that there is a loving relationship between the King and Queen, but there are also times when they’ve argued and she has stood her ground, reassuring her son, Prince Tuesday, that even people who love each other, can be angry with one another. That doesn’t make the love go away.


As the caring mother of Prince Tuesday, she helps her son through some of the typical ups and downs of childhood, celebrating his accomplishments and helping him dealing with his fears and mistakes.


Sara Saturday was originally from neighboring Westwood.  She and King fell in love and married in a formal ceremony. Her name was Sara Saturday, and there was some discussion about what she wanted to be called after the wedding. In support of feminine causes of the late 1960’s, she chose either Queen Sara Friday Saturday or Queen Sara.