The Platypus Family

Ana Platypus’ first appearance (1970)
Ana Platypus’ first appearance (1970)
Ana sings “All the Pretty Little Horses” (1982)
Dr. Bill and Ana talk about adoption (1985)

The Platypuses are a loving family made up of Dr. Bill, his wife Elsie Jean, and their daughter Ana.

The Platypus family –  Dr. Bill, Elsie Jean, and their daughter Ana – lives in a mound of dirt between the Museum-Go-Round and Daniel’s clock. Having studied in Australia, Dr. Bill Platypus is the Neighborhood doctor for both people, animals and pets. His office is located inside the Eiffel Tower. Besides spending time with his medical practice, being a caring husband and father, Dr. Bill likes to play his bagpipes which he does masterfully! His wife Elsie Jean Platypus is kind and motherly.  


Their daughter Ana attends the Neighborhood School at “Some Place Else” with her classmates and friends Daniel Tiger and Prince Tuesday. She enjoys learning about all kinds of things in the world from teacher Harriett Elizabeth Cow. Soft-spoken Ana especially loves drawing and animals, from horses to kittens.



Did you know?

Fred Rogers named “Ana” Platypus from the scientific name of the platypus: “ornithorhynchus anatinus” and wrote a delightful song with those two words, sharing with his viewers his love of sounds and words.

Fred Rogers’ good friend Rev. Bill Barker did the voices and manipulation for both Dr. Bill and Elsie Jean Platypus. The Playtpuses are named for him and his wife Elsie Jean. Ana Platypus, once she came of age and could talk, was voiced and manipulated by Carole Muller Switala.