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How people make strollers

Mister Rogers talks about games. He drops balls and feathers to show the different rates at which they fall. Mr. McFeely stops by with a video entitled “How People Make Strollers.” Later, Mister Rogers shows his TV neighbors his control box that makes Trolley go fast and slow. He feeds the fish and explains that fish need water to breathe and humans breathe air. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Trolley shows King Friday and Mayor Maggie how it can go very fast and very slow. Maggie sings “Peace and Quiet” for Friday and he asks her to sing it again but really fast. Cornflake S. Pecially has designed a stroller at Maggie’s request. Neighbor Aber visits Daniel Striped Tiger and says he is worried that Trolley is going too fast and can’t do its job properly. Neighbor Aber and Mayor Maggie discuss how to get Trolley to slow down.

Episode 1681   |   1995
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