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A package for Purple Panda

Mister Rogers enters carrying watercolor paints. He takes the paints to the kitchen and makes a painting. Mr. McFeely shows up with a gift for Mister Rogers from his neighbor J.D. The gift is a laser pointer. Later, Mister Rogers goes to the McFeely’s house to hear Gay Ducey tell the story “Lizard Song.” Mister Rogers says one of the best things you can have is a good imagination. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mr. McFeely is talking to Queen Sara Saturday about a package he has for Purple Panda. The package says “Do Not Open” on it. Mayor Maggie shows up and offers to take the package to Purple Panda. The package jumps out of Mayor Maggie’s hands and she loses it. X the Owl volunteers to help Mayor Maggie find Purple Panda’s package, but he is not successful. Mr. Aber shows up with a package that looks like the one Mayor Maggie lost, but now it is a different color.

Episode 1696   |   1996
Episode 1696: A package for Purple Panda
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