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Mister Rogers plays with blocks and a toy car. He talks about having wanted to grow up and drive a real car like his daddy. Marilyn Barnett puts Mister Rogers and Mr. McFeely through a workout. Mister Rogers talks about growing on the inside. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Chuck Aber is exercising with Prince Tuesday, who wants to be big. Aber says it’s okay being a child too. He sings “You Can Do It”. Miss Paulificate arrives with a phone call from Mayor Maggie. There is something big in Westwood. Mr. McFeely arrives singing. Tuesday voices his lament over being small. Queen Sara has seen something big in Westwood and it’s rolling towards the castle. Mister Rogers wonders what the big thing is. He talks about patience and explains that only living things grow. Mr. McFeely arrives with a video of how people make model cars. Mister Rogers puts away his blocks, feeds the fish, and remembers the first time, as a child, that he was allowed to feed the fish.

Episode 1631   |   1991
Episode 1631: Growing
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