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A visit to an applesauce factory

Mister Rogers explains how a ventriloquist’s dummy works and compares it to human beings and animals. He shows a video of all kinds of babies drinking milk. Mister Rogers visits an applesauce factory where he is shown how applesauce is made. He examines some apple seeds.  In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Queen Sara suggests that X the Owl play hide-and-seek while waiting for his seed order to arrive. Mr. McFeely has to look for X, who is hiding, in order to deliver the Speedy Seeds. Mr. McFeely plants the seeds in X’s planter. Henrietta, X, and Mr. McFeely watch them, but the seeds do not grow. Mr. Mc Feely talks about patience, and they decide to play hide-and-seek while waiting. Mister Rogers talks about waiting.

Episode 1536   |   1984
Episode 1536: A visit to an applesauce factory
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