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All about kites

Mister Rogers puts together a kite. He tries to fly it, but there isn’t enough wind. He is disappointed and asks Picture-Picture to show a film of him kite flying. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Digger Digorum, Handyman Negri, Dr. Bill, and Elsie Jean are busy digging for the Platypus home. They discover a box containing a kite. They decide to finish the hole before flying it. Dr. Bill is very impatient, but Digger and Handyman insist on working slowly and carefully. Suddenly, the kite flies off by itself. It is a magic kite. Back with Mister Rogers, Mr. McFeely helps him fly his kite. The wind is so strong that the kite breaks. Mr. McFeely offers to help repair it.

Episode 1021   |   1969
Episode 1021: All about kites
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