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Shoes and magic

Mister Rogers brings in several pairs of his childhood shoes and talks about growing bigger. Mr. McFeely delivers a pair of sandals and does a magic trick. After he leaves, Mister Rogers finds instructions for the magic trick in the sandal box. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, a wizard is looking for Lady Elaine. He stops to play a game with X and Henrietta in which they tell about themselves. The wizard introduces himself as the Wizard of Lupovich and makes himself disappear and appear again. He helps Lady Aberlin finish her work with magic so she can take him to the castle where Lady Elaine is visiting with the king. When the wizard stubs his toe, Lady Aberlin suggests they call Dr. Bill Platypus, whom the king hasn’t met. Dr. Bill comes, is introduced to the king, and tells Lady Aberlin to bandage the toe. Back with Mister Rogers, he talks about being careful when wearing sandals.

Episode 1036   |   1969
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