A collection of clarinets

Mister Rogers talks about music and demonstrates on the piano how notes go up and down on a scale. He shows a picture of Richard Stoltzman, a father who plays the clarinet. At Negri’s Music Shop, Joe shows a collection of clarinets. Richard Stoltzman has left a note on the music stand. He is waiting for Mister Rogers on his front step and gives him a Linzer torte pie. Richard explains how his father helped him start playing the clarinet, and they talk about Richard’s children and expressing feelings in music. Richard plays and improvises on “I’ll Think of You.” In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin measures the castle for her research and King Friday asks her if she knows of a good dancing school for his birds. Lady Aberlin tells Daniel that she thought of him while she was away on business, then sings to him. He helps her measure his clock. Lady Elaine hires Old Goat as her new elevator operator for the museum. Lady Aberlin helps Handyman search for the birds. Mister Rogers talks about how everyone is worried about the birds and they are searching high and low for them. He says it takes time and work to learn to play an instrument as well as Mr. Stoltzman does. He feeds the fish, takes his torte out of the refrigerator, and says he can only give his television neighbors food to think about. He sings ” There are Many Ways.”