A fear of vacuums

Mister Rogers tells the TV audience that today they are going to visit Barbara Smith’s new restaurant. Once at the restaurant, Ms. Smith tells Mister Rogers that she has loved cooking for and feeding people ever since she was a young girl. Ms. Smith shows Mister Rogers around her restaurant’s kitchen and introduces him to her head chef, Henry. Later, back at home, Mister Rogers prepares a snack with his friend Justin Miller. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Barbara Smith gives Queen Sara Saturday two commemorative napkins from her restaurant. Edgar Cooke appears, and he and Ms. Smith go off to the royal kitchen to swap cooking secrets. Lady Elaine has a bunch of vacuum sweepers. She tells Lady Aberlin that she is going to get rid of everything that is bad in the world, especially vacuum sweepers. Lady Aberlin thinks that Lady Elaine must be afraid of vacuums.