A lesson in learning to be careful

Mister Rogers enters the set carrying a hula-hoop. He explains that hula is a type of dance and that someone developed a hoop to put around someone when they did the hula. Mister Rogers goes to Paul Tifford’s studio to get a hula-hoop lesson and to watch him perform. Maggie Stewart shows up to get a lesson from Paul Tifford. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday announces that all flying lessons are to stop. Lady Elaine apologizes to Prince Tuesday for making him think the propeller hat she gave him would make him fly. Prince Tuesday suggests that Lady Elaine teach hula hoop lessons instead. Inside the tree, Lady Aberlin and Prince Tuesday talk with X the Owl who is still feeling responsible for the Prince’s accident. Prince Tuesday explains that X’s instruction to be careful could have prevented his fall. X feels much better knowing that he was a good teacher. Outside, Lady Elaine gives Mayor Maggie her first hula-hoop lesson. Back at the house, Mister Rogers spends some time thinking about children who are just learning to walk. He concludes by talking about practicing skills in order to get better.