A space visitor

Mister Rogers demonstrates a twist sculpture toy and plays the song that he has written as a gift for Tatiana Vedeneeva who will be arriving today. Mister Rogers talks about the space visitor’s language and the learning of any language. He then plays the song that will be a gift, but he is interrupted by the appearance of Mr. McFeely, the translator, and Tatiana herself who gives him a Matrouska doll. Mister Rogers shows Tatiana his television home, and Tatiana introduces one of her puppets, a rabbit, to him. Tatiana gives Mister Rogers a film about how people make Matrushka Dolls, which they watch. Then Mister Rogers invites Tatiana to feed the fish and drink some apple juice. She shows Mister Rogers a picture of her son Dimitri and says that he likes to play with toy cars and draw. They compare Soviet children and American children in their joys and fears.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, it is nighttime. Miss Paulificate shows Handyman Negri a present that she has just received from the Queen, a twist sculpture toy. A twist sculpture appears in the sky carrying a space visitor. Handyman Negri alerts Lady Elaine. The space visitor lands next to them, but they cannot understand it. Lady Aberlin carries the space visitor to King Friday XIII who greets it and invites it to stay at the castle.