A visit to a car show

Mister Rogers talks about the differences and likenesses between Hischer Booptruck, a ventriloquist’s dummy, and himself. Maggie Stewart sings and signs “Then Your Heart is Full of Love.” In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the king is playing his bass fiddle and talks to Darrell the Butterfly. Mr. Aber informs the king that Mayor Maggie would like to trade places with Queen Sara for just one day. The king approves and Queen Sara agrees to the change, provided that all the neighbors approve it as well. Darrell the Butterfly is looking for Nancy Caterpillar, who wants to be a butterfly. Lady Elaine is wearing a bird mask, and the king expresses a desire to fly. Mister Rogers goes to a car show and learns about the differences between Chuck Aber’s red Corvette convertible and another old car. He comments that seeing something many times and noting new things each time is a good way to learn.