A visit to a recycling center

Mister Rogers has bag a full of glass bottles and aluminum cans for recycling. He sings to his fish and talks about taking care of things. Mr. McFeely shows Mister Rogers about separating the cans and bottles, then takes him to the recycling center. Workers and visitors must all wear safety goggles. The cans get compacted into bales and the glass gets ground up. Mister Rogers talks about not wasting or using more than we really need of anything. Mister Rogers plays with some blocks made from scrap wood and shows how to make trees from scraps of paper and cardboard tubes. He says that the best toys are the ones you make yourself, and says it is important to take care of yourself, other people, and things as he puts things away. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin, Miss Paulificate and the king are wearing nose muffs and talking about the garbage crisis. The King assigns Lady Aberlin to find a new dump, and X the Owl agrees to help her. Mrs. Dingleborder suggests recycling. Corney is throwing out some wood scraps and suggests using the dump in Westwood. Henrietta agrees, but Mayor Maggie comes to say that the dump in Westwood is also full.