A visit to a rocking horse factory

Mister Rogers demonstrates a knee chair. He shows a video of Mr. McFeely’s trip to a rocking horse factory. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mr. Aber delivers some covers to Lady Elaine Fairchilde and goes to find Lady Aberlin. He finds Henrietta Pussycat still ringing her bell and tries to catch the rocking chair horse by climbing on a step ladder, but cannot reach it. Lady Aberlin arrives and shows the horse a picture of King Friday, but the rocking chair horse flies away. X the Owl suggests that the rocking chair horse be left to fly in the air. Lady Elaine thinks that this is a good idea. She gives Mr. Aber a head cover–a mask of King Friday to show the king that she really likes him. Mister Rogers wonders what the King will think when he sees the mask and talks about helping friends to know that you like them just by being yourself.