A visit to the circus

Jeff Gabel visits with a cage full of baby chicks and says that they are called peeps. Mister Rogers observes how each one looks different.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Chuckles the Clown magically dresses Lady Aberlin in a chicken costume. When she clucks loudly in front of Daniel’s clock, he thinks she is the world’s biggest chicken. At first he is startled but then relieved to discover that it is really his friend Lady Aberlin in the costume. Chuckles persuades Nancy Caterpillar that she is fine just as she is. Then Nancy turns into a butterfly and flys away with Darrell. Mister Rogers goes to the circus with Betty Aberlin. They see elephants and tigers and visit with Chuckles inside a tent that is called Clown Alley. Inside the big tent they watch elephants, trapeze artists, acrobats, and clowns. Mister Rogers decides he wants to go home before the circus is over. Outside he says it is alright for children to leave something when they are tired or frightened. He also says that human beings don’t fly except in airplanes, but they do grow up to stand and walk on their own feet and learn to love others. At home he sits at his piano and talks about why it is good that each key has a different tone, even though some are always black and others are always white.