A visit with a dentist

Mister Rogers has a tube of toothpaste. He brushes his teeth and explains the importance of regular brushing. He goes to see the dentist. He shows people reading and coloring in the waiting room. A dental hygienist shows the chair movements. The dentist, Dr. Jackson, shows his instruments, then examines and polishes Mister Rogers’ teeth. In the next room, a young boy is getting a flouride treatment. A dentist demonstrates the x-ray machine. Back home, Mister Rogers shows an alligator puppet with big teeth and says people must not bite other people. When people feel like biting they should play about their feelings instead. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday and Chuck Aber discuss smiles and beautiful weather. Princes Zelda is looking for someone. Chuck gives her a smile and they sing the smile song. Zelda seeks Lady Aberlin. She and Chuck search together. Chuck makes many mouth noises. Lady Aberlin/Tiger appears and says Queen Sara might know where to find her. Queen Sara and Prince Tuesday are discussing the tiger’s visit to the school. Mister Rogers sings the smile song and says that natural expressions are best.