A visit with Itzhak Perlman

Mister Rogers demonstrates his slide whistle and says that learning and practice take time, but that you learn more and more. He goes to the symphony rehearsal hall to visit Itzhak Perlman, a violin player who walks with crutches. Mr. Perlman says that his Italian violin was made over 200 years ago and he plays several different kinds of music, including “Yankee Doodle” and a caprice by Paganini. He talks about his need to use crutches, his children, and their different interests in music. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Robert Troll shows King Friday how Trolley can display pictures of the past. Tuesday is interested in the pictures of his father and Robert Troll when they were little. Miss Paulificatte tells everyone that they are wanted in the LA (Long Ago) room and Trolley shows Miss P. pictures from when she was younger. Mister Rogers sings “You’e Growing,” and shows a book called “Colonial Williamsburg.” He says its a place where people do things the way they were done a long time ago before there were any cars or televisions. As he recalls his visit, a video is shown of some of the people, places, and animals that he saw there, including a fife and drum band on parade, a kitchen with different foods, and some children playing with hoops and sticks. Mister Rogers says that a long time ago people liked to play and know they were lovable, just like we do now. He sings “It’s You I Like.”