A visit with Johnny Costa

Mister Rogers makes a shoe box into a small bed. He says that the way each person uses a space is different because each person’s ideas are unique. Andrea and Bethany Bray visit Mister Rogers to show him boxes children have decorated. Andrea and Bethany leave to visit Mr. Bray at the shoe store he owns. Mr. Bray gives Bethany an empty shoe box which she promptly converts to a bed for her doll. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri is making a crib for Queen Sara. King Friday asks Handyman Negri to escort the Queen to Westwood in the sedan chair to visit with Dr. Frogg. The king is very concerned about the queen’s visit. Mister Rogers talks about kinds of work that fathers do. He stresses that little boys will grow to be men someday. Joe Negri brings a pair of shoes and dances to different songs.