Actions are more important than words

Mister Rogers plays with a toy earthmover and shows a film of a real earthmover digging a hole. He reads from a book about a newly-hatched bird searching for its mother. Mister Rogers pretends that he is an earthmover. Mr. McFeely arrives with a toothpaste video, which they show. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Robert Troll rides a scooter around Henrietta Pussycat’s house and gives her a ride to work. Mrs. Dingleborder says the tiger was there. Lady Aberlin, in the tiger suit, visits Daniel S. Tiger. She is sorry that she is scaring people, but wants to remain a tiger so she can be related to Daniel. Daniel declares that outward appearances aren’t important. They are related by their hearts. Lady Aberlin sums up her laughing research. Robert Troll arrives with a book about princesses. Princess Zelda finds that her cousin was Cinderella. Mister Rogers talks about the use of mouths: singing, whistling, yawning, saying words, etc., and explains that actions are more important than words.