Airplanes and airports

Mister Rogers shows a toy airplane made out of wood, and makes one out of wood blocks. He reads a book about airplane travel and explains the ins and outs of airports. He recalls seeing a pilot performing skywriting. The pilot explains skywriting, gives a demonstration, and recounts her early interest in flight. Mister Rogers recommends playing about things before doing them. Mister Rogers talks about the importance of imagination and the many types of artistic expression, and many ways to show somebody that you love them. He says that loving is the most important part of being alive. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri is doing a musical portrait of King Friday. The king is nonplussed at first but Handyman demonstrates. He explains the musical notation. Mayor Maggie and Chuck Aber arrive with an artistic offering. Chuck is wearing a pilot suit. The King retrieves his bass and accompanies Handyman on his musical portrait. Maggie and Chuck sing along then present a mosaic of the King and his bass. Chuck sky-draws a picture of King Friday.