All about fish

Mister Rogers has a new aquarium with tropical fish in his kitchen which Mr. McFeely has set up. He brings food for the fish. Mr. McFeely delivers two catfish. He tells Mister Rogers the names of several varieties of fish and how to take care of the fish. Mr. McFeely returns to Mister Rogers’ house with a plant for the aquarium. He relaxes in the evening by reading a book about fishing and watching his own aquarium. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the tents are still in the castle garden. Lady Aberlin and Daniel discuss how good people are sometimes bad. X has a pole and a hook on a string. He is “airing,” trying to catch some air. Lady Aberlin decides to go “tenting,” to get tents from Lady Elaine’s campgrounds. Lady Elaine says that Lady Aberlin is trying to steal her tents. Lady Elaine says she hopes there will be a lot of trouble when King Friday gets back. She is enjoying the mischief she is making even though her neighbors are upset and angry.