Artists can make anything

Mister Rogers shows a painting of a blue tree. He explains that artists can draw and paint things any color or shape they want. He shows some slides of paintings – Lascaux caves, Mona Lisa, Women of Tahiti by Gaugin, Red Poppy by Georgia O’Keefe, and Number 4 by Jackson Pollock. Mister Rogers talks about learning from experiencce. He shows a book about a dog who gets a baby sister. He then visits with the author, Eric Hill. Eric explains the process of book composition. He draws a picture of Spot and talks about drawing as a child. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin is removing clay from the portraits. Lady Elaine refuses to help. She claims that it’s art. Robert Troll visits Daniel S. Tiger. Daniel fears that his portrait is the wrong color. Robert explains that in art any color is okay. Robert Troll shows Daniel a portrait which he made of Lady Elaine. At the castle, King Friday is dismayed at the disorder and at Lady Elaine’s disinterest in cleaning it. Robert Troll arrives with Daniel’s portrait. He then unveils the picture of Lady Elaine. She is pleased that somebody cared about her. Lady Aberlin explains that she should have simply asked. Lady Elaine casts a cleaning spell and offers the use of the Museum-Go-Round to display the portaits.