Mister Rogers counts the buttons on his sweater. He has a picture of a boat, the word “boat” printed on a card, and a toy boat in a box. After a film showing him boating with his sons, he sails the boat in a tub. Another film shows children sailing boats in a pond. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Dr. Bill is angry and impatient because of King Friday’s rule that in his absence Digger Digorum must supervise all digging. They must wait for her to arrive from Australia. Lady Elaine has begun digging with a steam shovel, saying it is the machine that is digging. Handyman explains that the machine cannot work without her. Digger finally shows up. She says they must all wait until tomorrow to begin. Elsie Jean and Dr. Bill agree to wait when she shows them the crustaceans she has brought them to eat. Back with Mister Rogers, he explains how his sundial works.