Collette comes to vist

Mister Rogers remembers his grandparents’ car. He remembers driving the car in the country and the happy times he had with his grandparents . Mister Rogers shows a picture book of tools. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Collette and Officer Clemmons discuss their hobbies. Collette takes pictures of wild animals, Officer Clemmons sings and Neighbor Aber, photographs tame animals. Collette visits the school and shows her photographs of a lion, giraffes, a tiger, and a platypus. Mr. Aber shows his videos of cows, pigs, a rabbit, a cat, parakeets, a horse, and ducks. Daniel Striped Tiger asks about grandfathers, and King Friday commissions an opera about a grandfather. Mister Rogers talks about kinds of grandparents in general and his own grandparents. Mister Rogers makes a picture frame out of construction paper and explains that opera is singing a story.