Computers and mice

Mister Rogers enters carrying a box and a book; inside the box is a computer mouse. Mister Rogers explains what a computer mouse is and hooks the mouse up to his computer. Then he goes to the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood website on his computer and navigates around the site to show how it works (Editor’s note: this website is no longer available). He says that a person’s imagination is more wonderful than the computer. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday and Queen Sara are looking for the royal mouse; King Friday tells Mayor Maggie that she may begin searching for the mouse. Mayor Maggie is not sure what the royal mouse looks like, and she decides to ask Henrietta to help her since Henrietta is a pussycat. Mr. Aber arrives with a box of ‘clickers’ for the Mayor and suggests that maybe the royal mouse is a computer mouse. He and the Mayor decide to look for the mouse in different places. Lady Elaine hears ‘noise’ and comes out; Mr. Aber tells her what has been going on, and Lady Elaine calls the royal mouse “H.M.” and “Hula Mouse” and says that the mouse is safe. Back in Mister Rogers’ house Mr. McFeely arrives with a video called ‘How to Reconstruct a Computer Mouse.’ As he and Mister Rogers watch the video, Mr. McFeely explains the procedure. Mr. McFeely and Mister Rogers go to the computer room and Mr. McFeely navigates the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood website. Mr. McFeely then says he has a ‘surprise funny fast’ film to show to Mister Rogers; the film is ‘Mr. McFeely Mowing the Lawn Quickly.’