Different kinds of baskets

Mister Rogers says that the basket he has brought in with him was made by a Native American of the Apache tribe. The owner keeps it by his front door for his friends to put their burdens in when they come to visit him. Mister Rogers shows other baskets of different sizes, shapes, and uses and talks about individual differences. He then goes to watch some children practicing for the Special Olympics. Mister Rogers talks about his not being chosen for basketball, but how good he felt when he was finally given a chance and made a basket. He encourages his television friends to make up stories about the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, and to pick up after they play with things.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin, Bob Dog, Handyman Negri, and Miss Paulificate are singing and dancing together. King Friday thinks there must be more important things to do, but when asked to join them, he agrees. Queen Sara says how pleased she is to see the King so happy. Bob Dog and the king talk about their disappointment and sadness at never having been invited to be on a team. Randy Caribou invites them and Lady Aberlin to join the new, King-Woman-Dog-Boy-Girl-Reindeer-Tiger team.