Digging in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe

Mister Rogers has several shovels with him. He uses one to put fertilizer on one of his plants. Coach Saunders come by to exercise with Mister Rogers, who tells him about the new neighbors in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Nurse Miller is passing out pretend drinks. She gives X and Henrietta each a glass. X has been digging, and Henrietta has sewn curtains with a duckbill pattern. When Nurse Miller gets to the digging site, Dr. Bill, Elsie Jean, and Handyman Negri are resting. Handyman and Nurse Miller go to the castle for a popsicle. Back with Mister Rogers, Handyman Negri brings a popsicle to share with him. Mr. Rogers demonstrates how he makes homemade popsicles and gives Handyman a tray of frozen ones.