Disappearing peanut

Mister Rogers shows some toy kitchen appliances and talks about cooking meals and responsibility for doing housework. Mr. McFeely delivers a bag of peanuts and Mister Rogers points out that every peanut is different. Mr. McFeely shows how to make a McFeely family favorite snack with dry milk, apple butter, and peanut butter. They taste some spread on a rice cake and agree that it is very good. Mister Rogers shows a video of people playing peek-a-boo, and says that even when you can’t see people they are still there. He looks through a photo album of parents taking care of children.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday is talking to King Friday about work and responsibility. Lady Aberlin encourages the prince to talk about problems, like parents who go to work. Tuesday says that he feels sad. Lady Aberlin sings “You Are Special” to him. Princess Zelda shows up with a giant peanut. She and Lady Aberlin play catch with it, but Tuesday doesn’t feel like playing. Zelda says she understands and shows Tuesday a trick, making the peanut disappear. All three visit Daniel who is upset by the disappearing peanut. The prince wonders if his parents can be made to reappear by magic. Zelda says people can’t be brought back by magic, and Lady Aberlin adds that people come back because they want to.