Mister Rogers discusses the differences between Rose, a Springer Spaniel, and Bob Trow in his Bob Dog costume. Mister Rogers says people never change into animals, nor animals into people. He sings “You Are Special.” Mr. McFeely brings over two different dogs: Mugsy, a male terrier, and Molly, a female beagle. He and Mister Rogers talk about how the two dogs are similar and different.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, while delivering the crown for Mayor Maggie to the castle, Mr. Aber tells Prince Tuesday that his mother and Mayor Maggie plan to trade jobs. The Prince is upset as he leaves for school. Mr. Aber and Bob Dog play a game of hide-and-seek with the crown. At the school, Nancy Caterpillar shows a film about how caterpillars become butterflies. Daniel is apprehensive about what he will turn into but Miss Cow assures him that he will grow into a bigger tiger, not a butterfly. The prince is angry that his mother is turning into the Mayor without his having been asked. Mr. Aber visits the school and tells the prince that the switch will only be for one day. The prince is much relieved. Mr. Aber sings a song for them about expressing our true feelings. At the castle, Queen Sara asks Miss Paulificate to call the school so that she can talk to Prince Tuesday about the plans.