Expressing angry feelings

Mister Rogers arrives with a punching bag and a cassette recorder. He talks about how he expresses his feelings when he is angry. Yesterday Mister Rogers recorded instruments on the tape and accidentally erased the tape. Mister Rogers then explained that use of a punching bag may make you feel better. After retaping the instruments, Mister Rogers plays a tape of Neighborhood of Make-Believe voices and asks the viewers to name the characters. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin becomes very frustrated with her knitting. Daniel suggests she punch a bag of rags to help her feel better. Lady Aberlin punches a bag of rags and her knitting. X the Owl arrives and tells Lady Aberlin that her knitting looks like a cloud. Lady Aberlin suggests X use the knitting for a vest. Lady Aberlin then dances to vent her remaining frustrations. Back with Mister Rogers, Mr. K., a sculptor, visits and talks to Mister Rogers about using clay when feeling angry. While molding clay with Mr. K., Mister Rogers explains that molding clay can help express feelings.