Mister Rogers arrives with an underwater diving mask. While changing his shoes he breaks his shoelace and restrings the shoe with the remaining lace. Mister Rogers pretends he is a fish and then tears a fish out of construction paper. Betty Aberlin arrives with a black angel fish for Mister Rogers. She uses scissors to cut a black angel fish out of construction paper. Mister Rogers and Betty Aberlin put the new fish into the tank. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin pretends she is a fish that kisses owls and pussycats. X the Owl recognizes Lady Aberlin and asks her questions about how fish have babies. Lady Aberlin explains that humans and animals grow babies inside the mother, and birds and most fish lay eggs. Lady Aberlin, X, and Henrietta arrange an appointment with Queen Sara to discuss the new baby. The Queen says she doesn’t mind talking about important things. Back with Mister Rogers, he talks about children discussing important matters with adults so they can grow.