Flying lessons

Mister Rogers shows his TV neighbors a turkey feather and a poster with birds on it. They were lent to him by his friends at the museum. Mr. McFeely shows up with a wooden parrot toy from Haiti and a video about what birds see when they are flying. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri is talking to King Friday about X the Owl’s offer to teach flying lessons, but the king isn’t interested. Appearing high upon the castle, Prince Tuesday expresses his desire to fly. At the Museum-Go-Round, Lady Elaine Fairchilde shows off her new hat with a propeller and announces to Handyman Negri that she will also be teaching flying lessons. Moving on to the tree, Handyman Negri watches as Prince Tuesday receives his first flying lesson from X the Owl. Back at the house, Mister Rogers watches a video of magician David Copperfield performing a flying trick. Visiting Mr. Copperfield, he explains to Mister Rogers that illusions and magic tricks are not real.