Francois Clemmons Borrows Mister Rogers’ Traffic Light

A package has been sent to Francois Clemmons in care of Mister Rogers. Francois Clemmons calls Mister Rogers to say he is on his way over. The package contains his policeman uniform which he will wear while he is teaching a driver’s training course. He borrows the traffic light from Mister Rogers.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Edgar Cooke asks Daniel to wait for Mr. McFeely to deliver the groceries since Edgar and Queen Sara will be away when they come. Officer Clemmons asks Daniel if he wants to join some others who are playing. Daniel says he must stay because he is waiting for the delivery. Then the king insists Daniel go on an errand. While he is gone Mr. McFeely tries to deliver the groceries, but when no one is there he takes the food back. Officer Clemmons finds Mr. McFeely and the groceries are delivered. The king apologizes to Daniel for not listening.