Grateful for friends and LeVar Burton

Mister Rogers shows pictures of LeVar Burton. Mr. McFeely, in anticipation of Levar’s visit, brings a book for him to read: “The Daddy Book.” Mister Rogers gives Mr. McFeely a paper bow tie. Mr. McFeely is very grateful for Mister Rogers’ gift.
In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Neighbor Aber shows the finder balloon to King Friday who continues to scoff at what he considers to be foolishness. Robert Troll arrives wearing a pair of large glasses which he says will help him as he looks for Lady Elaine. He informs Neighbor Aber that Fortune Cookie Man was found taking a rest in the F.C. Room of the Museum-Go-Round. The finder balloon leads Robert Troll and Neighbor Aber to the Museum-Go-Round. At the museum, Betty Okonak Templeton and Fortune Cookie Man find Lady Elaine who had locked herself in the L Room. As Lady Elaine is freed, King Friday arrives to apologize to everyone for his recent arrogance and recognizes his appreciation for other people’s gifts.
Back at the house, LeVar Burton arrives to share The Daddy Book.