How people make construction paper

Mr. Rogers finishes making a colorful paper chain out of construction paper. He reads out loud from “A Piece of red paper,” a book about the different shapes and objects one can make out of paper. Mr. McFeely stops by to help Mister Rogers decorate his house with the paper chain and watch a video, “How people make construction paper.” In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday gives Miss Paulificate several gold paper bracelets. Miss P. asks H.J. Elephant about his boomerang lessons. He practices by booming away. As soon as he is gone, Lady Aberlin rushes in with her wind velocity machine. Lady Elaine asks Lady Aberlin to deliver some paper chains to the school. Daniel Tiger, Prince Tuesday, Ana Platypus, and Miss Cow are startled by H.J. Elephant’s unexpected boomerang appearance. Lady Aberlin asks H.J. to boom away and discovers the wind source. King Friday gives Miss P. a paper gold necklace to match her bracelet. Mister Rogers discusses how Lady Aberlin’s hard work and determination led her to find the wind source. He sings “You’ve Got to do It.”