How people make garden hoes

Mr. McFeely delivers a tape that is supposed to be about how people make harmonicas. It is actually about how people make hoes, but Mister Rogers decides to watch it anyway. Mr. McFeely returns upset, saying how the other people, to whom he delivered the wrong tape, made him feel terrible. Mister Rogers talks about hurt feelings.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday is singing to one of his pet birds. Miss Paulificate arrives with some garden hoes, to discover that the king wanted a garden hose in order to shower his bird. After listening to the king’s lecture about listening, Miss P. goes to get the right item. Charles Aber arrives with some rhythm instruments for the school. When Miss P. returns with the hose, the king is away, so she and Mr. Aber give the bird a pretend shower. In the school, the children are singing an addition song about hoes. Prince Tuesday makes up his own song about “Ho, Ho, Ho.” Mr. Aber distributes instruments. All sing Prince Tuesday’s song. Miss P. visits the school and reports to the King about the teaching of kindness that she saw. The king is not satisfied because he wants Prince Tuesday to learn classical literature and international diplomacy. The king feels royal responsibility for seeing to it that the world runs smoothly and that everyone lives up to his or her potential. Mr. McFeely returns with the tape of how harmonicas are made.