How people make shoes

Mister Rogers visits Sam Weber’s Dance Studio and returns Chuck Aber’s tap shoes to him. Mister Rogers and Chuck Aber watch Sam Weber dance. Mister Rogers shows a video of how people make shoes.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday XIII goes to Lady Elaine Fairchilde’s Always Happy Dance School without an invitation; Lady Elaine confronts him, claiming that men can’t dance. She also belives that even though Corney took the Dancerockit back, she should have it because she runs the Dance School. Sam Weber arrives as the new Dancerockit salesman and demonstrates a dance routine with it. Lady Elaine is favorably impressed and goes off to make more invitations. The king awards Sam a crown with tap shoes. Mister Rogers reinforces the fact that both males and females can dance . He talks about the non-destructive things people can do with their emotions.