How people make umbrellas

Mister Rogers demonstrates an umbrella and mentions the dangers of umbrellas – points, etc. Mr McFeely arrives with a video about how people make umbrellas. Mister Rogers says imagination is the best way to learn about things. Mister Rogers visits Tome Cousin at his dance studio. He and his troupe perform a dance using umbrellas. Tome explains that he first imagined the dance. Mister Rogers plays peek-a-boo with an umbrella. He talks about the rewards of practice. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, it’s raining. Chuck Aber visits Cornflake S. Pecially, who is having a special sale. He is selling umbrellas connected to rocking chairs. He rocks while he imagines himself to be flying. Mayor Maggie joins him singing and signing. Henrietta disturbs Chuck’s reverie. She demonstrates X’s new viewer. Mister Rogers explains that the viewer can’t see other people’s imagination. He discusses privacy of thoughts – they must be verbalized before others can know them.