Imaginary friends

Mister Rogers has a Mister Rogers doll. He explains that it isn’t a live person. Mister Rogers recalls the “I’ve got your nose” game. He explains that we’re not like dolls and our parts aren’t easily removed. Maggie Stewart arrives and shows Mister Rogers some sign language. She invites him to the bakery later. Bob Trow drops off a present for the singer. Mister Rogers explains that everybody must make up their own imaginary friend. He goes to the bakery. Ella Jenkins is performing for a group of children. They pantomime many activities. Mister Rogers speaks more about imagination preceeding invention. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mayor Maggie and Queen Sara are discussing Queen Sara’s charity activities. Robert Troll seeks help for Lady Elaine. Her museum won’t stop spinning. Lady Elaine blames Daniel S. Tiger’s imaginary friend for the problem. Chuck invites Maggie to a picnic with himself, Daniel, and Daniel’s imaginary friend. Lady Elaine lied! She did it because she wanted to go on a picnic herself. Chuck says all she had to do was ask.