Jumping Rope

Mister Rogers demonstrates a jump rope outside. Then Marilyn Barnett and three children demonstrate various ways to jump rope, and all do exercises. Mister Rogers, who does not jump rope very well, observes that they were kind and did not laugh at him. He shows some binoculars and pictures of birds in a bird book: cardinal, bluejay, house wren, and owls. Mr. McFeely arrives with a lost kitten whose license helps him find its owners. Mister Rogers talks about starting slowly with an activity and growing in ablitiy. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, with Lady Aberlin’s encouragement, Prince Tuesday tells King Friday that he wants to stay in Miss Cow’s class. He believes that he does not have to be just like his father to be king. Cousin Mary Owl and X the Owl begin the Owl Correspondence School project which is a lesson in people-watching. X must ask people’s permission to watch them doing something through binoculars. Lady Aberlin gives X permission to watch her jump an imaginary rope and think. Cousin Mary Owl says that Sir Thomas T. Tune is wonderful. Lady Aberlin watches the owls dance through binoculars.